progressively diminishes to zero as contraction proceeds. The work deduced
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eosinophil granules. This finding has a certain importance as it might, if
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tenderness over left great trochanter. X-ray showed flattening and rarefac-
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objective clinical and radiological symptomatology based on eighteen
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the sudden increase of liveliness often seen after transfusions of blood. But
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tuberculosis it is mostly absent. The tuberculin reaction is negative.
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Dissection. — Externally, body pale, and much emaciated. In
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Of the 42 cases in which the reactions disagreed, 41 gave a positive urochro-
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children, in one case lasting five years and in the other seven. Both
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oil of turpentine, which is used in almost all the mixtures of
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there are slight or no acute toxic symptoms. Our "exophthalmic
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Friedman, G. A. (1). Suggestions regarding the role of the hypophysis in
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danger of apoplexy, and possibly checking the progressiveness of the