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and a liability to epileptiform convulsions ; the gait is sometimes slow and .
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reactions of mucin (thionin, muci-carmin). In this tissue fusifonn
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In Part Third, called "A Glimpse at English Brain-building," we have a very
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Retention of the placenta, at full term, may cause hemorrhage and
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pulse. The author opposes the far too generally accepted idea that
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it relieves the pain and hastens but does not increase sloughing.
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pressure be removed before disorganization or atrophy has resulted.
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metallic pigments. Tanquerel states, however, that Nicander knew that
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The Menstrual Wave. — Professor Stephenson has shown that menstrual
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also over the liver, to aid in diagnosing the hepatic abscess.
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gitis and in tuberculous meningitis this peculiar symptom of head
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7. The situation of the opposing ulcers on the anterior and
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of intelligence. They were given opportunities for educa-