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of the mucous membrane. The occurrence of lobular atelectasis cannot

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tion to the left, in the direction of the apex-beat, and is heard behind, be-

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ney, it may be the result of the formation of calculus or injury, conges-

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istics of bronchiectasis. The pulse is accelerated, and there is hectic fever

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tions, as they arise, by approved methods. An old person should

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ation. The patient, in any major operation, or where a general anes-

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also presses upon the nerves so it interferes with the trophic influence.

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robii by election. They also receive their carbon from the media in which

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class. AVlicre there is much spasm of the bronchi, shown by the breath-

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tendon-sheaths or articular cartilages, or where fibrous adhesions have

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of the clot within the vessel, or perhaps the result of faulty surgical

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both, but the hyaline predominate. Casts of either variety usually are

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gestion, or emphysema. The nodules vary in size from that of a pea to

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can be readily felt externally. Thick mucus is expectorated, and the