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Bhitish Medical Jouenal, on the enclosed advertisements. The one
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physician to tlie Richmond District Lunatic Asylum. The
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eczema of the face, the latter being a sun eruption, in a
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Patients at Wolverhampton may have their own attendant
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The book opens with a description of the proteids and fer-
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which would attend the committee's unfortunate scheme, for
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Mrs. Monro, who, it appears, keeps a dairy, and whose child
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chilly air of the cold season, the damp of the rains, and the
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.3rd, 1892 — was instituted by Mr. Acland, will probably be com-
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it was ascertained to be separate from the uterus and not-
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certain of the perivascular lymph spaces seemed to contain
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thought that, as the Act would probably be made compulsory,
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as published by the New Sydenham Society in 1887 and 1888. For
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ment of •'covering." and generally the protection of honourable practi-
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Surgeon-Captain H. Euist Sparks, M.B., operated as follows :
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and December, and in New York in July and February, and
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left breast of a man, aged 39. No family history of malignant
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ground and roll over and over on the burning part, or if they
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and chloroform. 2. Weakening of heart, causing an insuffi-
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in a week began to die away. On December 31st, two or
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Physiciau to the Westminster Hospital, vice J. B. Byles, L.R.C.P.,
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large quantity of blood escaping into part of a diseased lung.
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in their structure and habits than the bacteria, but some of
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stetric, Tu. F., 1 ; Eye, M. Th., 2.30 ; Ear, M., 9 ; Skin, W., I ;
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regards compliance with the regulations of the Royal University, and
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We have already reported upon a sample of liquor potassse
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