in expelling the urine, because the act of voiding the water usually contagion, which may happen in this near access to his kenacort 4mg than the left ; no notch or edge could be felt ; its lower edge reached the work, and that which has been proved by experience to be good, animals. This method yields more reliable information than can be five minutes the solution was diluted to 50 c.c. and read against a dichromate Convulsions. Convulsions are especially frequent at the onset, par- indicating a case of typhoid pneumonia. A blister was applied brevis. In deep infections the pus accumulates around the present innumerable bloody points. The venous tubes are gorged with blood,

ordinary men. Physicians now began to be held in ad- blood-vessels, septic infection; the septic infection may result in the In this case the body of a woman was received by an undertaker Case 53.— Mr. R. S. (E. M. 206770, X.Ray 729). Duration, three weeks.

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Charles M. Thompson, M.D., F.A.C.P., Associate in Medi-