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dence," Taylor "On Poisons," Bains' "Induction," and Oesterlin's

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cises — that is, the slow practicing of regulated innervations. With perse-

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before which the candidate is not allowed to present himself again.

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What has been said about the aetiology of hysteria at once suggests a pos-

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(d) A tis« and temperature recording thermometer. An Indicating therwoine-

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muscles and nystagmus occasionally occur, without, however, having much

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the face or eye. In other cases the spasmodic movement is for the purpose

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not speedy, the blood is mostly absorbed, and in its place develops either an

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fnrtt or ve^table is tiarve%t«d. As It continues, heat Is relMsed and carbwi dioxide and

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1877. Dr. Eliza Dnnbar (M.D. Znrioh), 4, Buckingham-TillaB, Clifton,

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may last for a very long time — for years in incurable or in imperfectly cured

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weights and measures ; Rudiments of Chemistry and Botany (Roscoe's

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Hebrew, or Arabic; 3. Englisli Language; 4 Elementary Mathe-

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Moore, DuShane; Spring, lecture: W., F., 1:30; laboratory: M., Tu., Th., 1:30-

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materials and attendance. The Physiological Laboratory I'-^PeraoDB

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lectures upon Public Health at the College of Medicine, Newcastle-

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phlegmons, etc. If the three groups of symptoms mentioned above coexist,

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Operatire Surgery (one session)... — ... — ... — ... — ... — ... —

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eivery Monday and Friday at 2 p.m. Arrangements will be made whereby

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bread, brain) are now usually forbidden, out of regard to the above-mentioned

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absence or diminution of the muscular tonus, perfectly free, and so remains

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and his delusions assume a grandiose character. His conduct is influenced by

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The successful candidate will be the one who " shall obtain the highest

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cpiality standards not high enough for U^.S. No. 1 but above U.S. ffo. 2. This gradeV U.S.

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currents, we can obtain only a little slow anodic closure contraction (AnSZ),

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(1) A conwion part of the reproductive tract; digestive tract, and urinary tract.

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in consultation with the Departmental Counselor, a program of approximately 12

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parts of the brain, it would probably not be felt in the head, but it would be

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besides an ophthahnic surgeon. It affords equal advantages to students

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from the metamorphosis of the nuclei contained in the cells of the body.

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Howtver. ribtes ts not uncflRMon fn filints, «id • rtbid cat fs certainly ctgcbTt of

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In this connection a word may be said in regard to a special class of im-

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28° E.) — to limit them at first to ten or fifteen minutes, and to give them

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powers are much impaired, and great care has to be exercised as regards exer-

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By the r^nlations of the University, British and other practi-

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