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present mixed forms of catarrhal and fibrinous pneumonia" (Orth.)

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pending upon the condition of the weather. On clear days

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period was short, and the arthritis disappeared. But the

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acid. But the acid whicli in the free state is always

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logical variations, histologists generally are in agreement in regard to the

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nignly on the good soul who lodged the complaint, and

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inspiration is made difficult, the inspiratory muscles expand

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*' Next repeat each of these experiments on tbe coloured corpos-

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as the habit of using them too often is easily acquired, and the effects

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it; it was likewise corrugated, showing that there had been pericarditis

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results following an unchecked iufection, I have attempted to meet

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caused by certain digestive disturbances in the gastro-intestinal canal, owing

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the following conclusions : — (1) The lesion present in both cases was an

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except Dr. Mary Walker; and perhaps the old universities

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of the acid and air. There is one corroboration required. The steel-grey

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a, removal and disposal of refuse; 6, surface drainage and re-

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How Supplied: Tablets, peach color, scored. Each tablet contai

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raw surfaces and wounds, Dr. Ingenhouz mentioned to Beddoes the following

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hours, both after gun-shot wounds, and i in 4 hours,

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equivocal evidence of a permanently damaged heart. He

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familiar, is the use of heat. Heat is supposed by most people, professional and

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lunatic ; and it matters not whether the priority of occurrence was with

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out periodical careful inspection of crowded districts and unsanitary

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the tropical fevers of our country? We are practically in ignorance

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isolation of Leptospira icteroides was accomplished in Guayaquil in