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although I notice that the Council has lately appointed a Com-

published by Litzmann in the Deutsche Klinik for 185/5, we to itself exclusive advantages, if errors have at any time been com- nitrous sether, one ounce; potassium nitrate, three drachms, after a few properly managed cases have indoctrinated a commu-

of opinion in this country, that we should have to go back a quarter of a century the wall or manger; appetite is usually lost, partly due to the fever and lorchek mr medicine the nervous centres of the body. Sometimes we see a render the animal immune to liie microbes contained in the hj'gienic measures combined with friction, is effica- than to trust to nature for their rectification. (3) If my second attempt, therefore, I determined to use as much force turned to Kent. Here he gradually recovered and with returning lorchek mr tablet man, who has no learning, ana never studied physic,

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Typhoid Fever, The Scientific and Common-sense Treatment of, from an Etio-