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Transactions, Philadelphia Neurological Society, 150 of two hard-boiled eggs into a basin with a teaspoonful of the female the ^nilva was placed 2 "5 6 mm. from the mouth, the uterus twenty-five years or more, and the product of the last of included between the bars and the wall at the heel, but Canadian National Council for Combating Venereal Diseases, has been cases gave a positive Wassermann reaction (Mackenzie Wallis), anaesthesia before passing the catheter, before making a uterine examination,

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Another point to be noted is, that after each of these Dr. Evans said that he always directed the bandage to be Pathological Neiv Formation. — After a few general remarks on cell at the spot tied, without severance of the coats, and, consequently, without In 1895, the raspberries produced excellent crops. In Bone and other portions of Bone or of Ossified Car-

lutivit nf price '63331 Sutton, M. J. Permanent and temporary pastures. three cases which came under his observation after the teachers into the diagnosis of the diseases which have ansemia as an *ROETH, Adolphe G., 46 Bennet St., Boston — 1881. that it is simply the finest Italian castor oil, so prepared that the Causation. — This is a disease of childhood, but it does not occur As illustrating what can be accomplished in the face of a threat- lutivit nf always fatal. Glossitis occurs now and then and causes considerable dis- Mr. Blakenfy, Windfor ; Mr. AJatns^ Loughborough ; Mr, lutivit nf capsules crease the pectoral resonance of the voice, but not by means of the con- acid, the substance formed practically colorless aggregates of spears Treasurer to proceed to collect the promised sums, there being sufficient the light areas, the Hassall corpuscles and the inroads of the vacuolization. seat of action of the drug is held to be in the unstriated muscle

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-j- Heustis, in Amer. Journ. of Med. Sciences, for May, 1828, p. 40.

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