Disturbances of sensibility are quite often found, independently of the
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A. Time of Registration. — Students in residence register for the following quarters
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sensory aphasia therefore ve^ often confuse their words or form entirely
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test of moderate proficiency in the arts pertaining to a liberal educa-
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Elements of Dynamics). In conformity with Section II. of the
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in the renal epithelium, as a consequence of which the cells become permeable
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above lectures, excepting the Arts and Literature Class, are free to
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W Alfred William Swanson, S.M., M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics.
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point of view to cure the patient of his delusion that he is suffering from a seri-
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ilis. We will return to this question in the chapter on Syphilis of the Spinal
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Pass] Subjects. — ^Beading, Dictation, Arithmetic, English Grammar,
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Anaesthesia is very often combined with abnormal subjective sensations,
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vary with the locality of the hemorrhage. These do not, however, correspond