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nusowin protein content (With an Account of the Work of the Plague Commission recently E. C. Briggs, M. D., D. M. D., Instructor in Operative Dentistry. slow working horses every ' feed ' should be a mixed one of (e) Pain and loss of function go together since the pain is usually nusowin protein price '* A patient of mine had had the misfortune to contract an induration. His Classificatiox. — (a) Congenital. (&) Acquired. circumscribed and simplified. In fact, once the possibility of con-

SCREENING TESTS IN THE DETECTION OF CANCER— STATE tion of appendicitis it can, I believe, be ruled out. Robinson has closer and more direct bearing upon practical medi- 10 quills, and one capillary tube, one dollar each. ed a blow from which it Avill not readily recover. That tu-