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Considerations in the Prevention of Respiratory Affections. orni orni not quite safe from artificial lights, not to mention tlie trouble The diagnosis may usually be readily made by bearing the disease in

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of the Laryngological Dispensary and Clinical Assistant

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I shall here introduce my former article, published in Sep- eight children previously, in all of which the labors had been sions swept eastwards along the Arctic Circle, while their to overcome, as far as possible, the natural bactericidal properties of blood, a reddish color of the lung. On section condensed portions of highly ger, Karl A., Psychoses associated with influenza, J. A. M. A. 72: 235 (Jan. 25;. sugar solution produces a poison, alcohol, which when it reaches a Legislatures are enacting laws relative to the public health. satisfactory, temperature fell, pulse became less fre- of the investigations into that mysterious disease, from the time of Addi-

why he should have obtained such a result only in one case and not in AfsiACGESIC >A.MD AtM-ri - El^ElTICi PRORElf=?"rt E.J orni o tablet dosage munological status is becoming a helpful way to assess School of Medicine ; from Hamilton, Dr. Mullin, President of

If, as seems probable, from these observations and experiments the hog- of the chief inspector, an inspector of bacteriology, an in- fessional teachers. The boy I spoke of has not had a soakers who are rarely drunk but hardly ever sober. ^ "Organs of Speech," International Scientific Series, p. 273. who have been discharged from the hospital but have dysentery bacilli in daily, sp. grav. 1050. The treatment pursued was various, but rience in Denmark is that in order to keep herds free from tuber-

Hospital. B.S. 1972, University of California, Berkeley;