results are given in Table 6. The method used is that employed
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erous face. These symptoms are soon followed by jaundiced skin, etc.
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parts of the body and sometimes in exhaustion. Here
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presuming that similar substitutions have often occurred
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will resume their normal condition. Nervous dyspepsia
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depraved secretion, and in some instances with most satisfacto-
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Dr. Cabot has addressed his Introduction "To all who
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of food as it is offered, unless it actually seems to disagree with him.
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that in nearly all cases there is a period of excitement and irritability
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lasting but a few moments ; not infrequently they continue for several
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symptoms: — No appetite; feathers ruffled; walk difficult and
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neys in which these organs are greatly reduced in size. The liver much
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Gerulanos discusses this subject, the importance of which is evidenced
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most common are trichomonads and next in order Megastoma enteri-
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these companies to cooperate with it in efforts to protect
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to the oculist telling him that the child had been all
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neither stimulants nor tobacco, but took about three cups
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in the course of time subsides and dies out. A few, relatively
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thing like it, appears the plain philosophy of the " ner-
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sordid. The patient becomes hoarse and almost dumb. Sometimes the
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cedematous, and there was much cedematous swelling above
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judiciously treated, removed with little difficulty. The incapacity,
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an attack similar to this one about a year previously her general
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The theory and practice of General Pleasanton of "blue
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its depressing effects. We know that chloral is quite
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when seen a few weeks since by Dr. Mackenzie she was robust and happy.
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per cent being used. In the interval between the baths the patient kept a
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The patient should be treated kindly, and left in charge of an attend-
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head, usually in the region of the temples, sometimes on the sides and
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