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be mentioned gastric disturbances, dental irritation, naso-pharyngeal dis-
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slowly, and the case pursues a subacute or even chronic course. Cough,
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variety both as regards their nature and extent. The epithelial layer
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sation. Obviously, the symptoms must be those of organic diseases of
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and calcified. Xothing can be said as to the possible duration of life.
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Thus when the expectoration is tenacious and small in quantity, and
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consist of neuralgic pains in the joints, sometimes with slight articular
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Symptoms. — In a typical case of hepatic abscess the most promi-
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tion. Pus may burrow into the cellular tissue surrounding the tonsil,
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derness under pressure, and the vomiting at intervals of a greenish
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in 1873, while retaining the Burroughs Place as a branch, it be-
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— usually appear. There are also fever, vomiting, and in one-half the
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survived with no recurrence. When the arteries are sclerosed (partic-
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farinaceous foods. French rolls and bran- or gluten-bread are allowable,
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(1) Auditory memory, the memory of the sound of words, situated in
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ly the colon bacillus is carried into the bladder and ureter by the
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those of interstitial pneumonia, and sometimes by those of cavity.
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Symptoms. — Pruritus ani (itching of the anus), sometimes burning
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they may be found anywhere along the biliary passages.
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patient, and constant use of suitable abdominal pads and binders in cer-
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when, as sometimes happens, the murmur is quite loud. The first ^und
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sclerosis may rarely predominate. Mental symptoms often develop in
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rection of the anemia and the gastro-intestinal disorders if any exist.
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may contain a number of ova, and appears as a minute, brownish-black,
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daily. A thorough and safe manner of washing out the stomach is
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and that the total acidity is much reduced, but this is neither so in every
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perature of 98° to 100° F. (36.6° to 37.7° C), and continued for twenty
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of legs; paresis of the other muscles. Anesthesia of the sacral region
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Alimentai'y symptoms of tape-worm may be as folloAvs : anorexia alter-
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foot-drop, so that in walking the foot is dragged along the ground. In
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perhaps a slight sensation of cramp, nor are there disturbances of sensa-
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they are localized or sub-acute, may be helpfully treated by these vac-
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explanation has been found to account for it. Cortical lesions are those
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Cimex Lectularius or Bed-bug. — This too well-known parasite is flat,
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is not uncommon in tropical countries (Italy, Brazil). In Italy it has
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and slight, depending upon the amount of obstruction present. In some
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