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sac. The incision is made in the direction of the radiating folds of the

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times, however, medical officers only accompany the troops to whom

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boiled, with constant stirring for about two minutes, and then cooled

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than c is a true resignation for a man who gets sick to cry out, " The will of the

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tention on the accurate examination of single parts,

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had penetrated as far as the upper and posterior margin of the kidney, and had

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physiologist and the farmer, cannot be doubted. But

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is evident that the patient suffers extremely ; perspires during

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•of hemicrania affecting the right side of the head, which had

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the mortality of the diphtheria cases was 50^; with

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nia in a most alarming manner. Of 40,000 Kanakas no

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most markedly in the the right iliac fossa, when some

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man has hypertrophy of the heart in a moderate degree with

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Were it possible in all cases for these three indications to be carried

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All assume as the cause of the disease the presence of a poison in the blood,

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But probably it was not the composition which was " submitted to

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thought I could outline the kidney, and by giving the patient some

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will produce congestion, engorgement, and inflammation of

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my attention, and microscopic examination showed them to be nests of acti-

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any mucous surface may occur. Recurrences are seen, and partial

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In this connection, I had rather a peculiar experience recently.

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rogatory as to the youngest patient in his list, he said it

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delphia, and the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College

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viduals studied, by an appreciable increase, percentage and absolute,

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and lassitude, from which the i)atient p;radually recovers. Not rarely the

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placed, a nose piece was attached and the apparatus was ready for use. The nose

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of some studies by Hawk,- suggest the wisdom of restricting the amount