ately investigate the mind-cure is the difficulty of dealing with
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Dr. Krebs, to illustrate the effect of sudden emotion on the
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Graefe's cataract-knife, as usual, without the least evidence of
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that even her neighbors did not know for some time that
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The assistant in obstetrics put the forceps into her hands
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normal size. Some further treatment was employed for this, but
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ably below the boiling-point of water will destroy them ; but, in order to
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large. About half the population of the State was outside the great
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for proof upon exhaustive courses of experimentation.
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To try your patience further, an allusion to another remedy in
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hope, New Jersey, September 15, 1885. They have three
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with the jaundice became a diagnostic symptom. Until within
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building, East Concord Street, Thursday evening the 18th. Dr.
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pupils dilated ; cough less ; expectoration so tenacious that it
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entered: and I found the pulse ioo, firm, and full; temperature,
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ambulance the wounded man, after having been gently
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York Polyclinic Medical School since 1908. Dr. Wallace is a member
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slightest doubt concerning them, then your curative measures,
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noticed ; secretion from the wound dries up, and, when the
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here discuss the changes in the blood itself, inasmuch as they will more prop-
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to medical periodical literature have been numerous. The more ex-
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Acidities which irritate Nature, and stimulate the Expulsive Fac-
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having made the efficacy of homoeopathy (that is, high potencies)
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After further comprehensive study under private classical and mathe-
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would be able to outstrip and ride down many men of ripe ex-
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ber of the New York Pathological Society, member of the Medical
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"The Treatment of Deformities After Paralysis" (International Med. Mag.,
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out-of-doors, and has long been a member of the Buffalo Golf and
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the relative degree of different forces is to be exactly found, the
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He is a rapid operator— cautious, conscientious, and suc-
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is 8 millimetres (0*31 inch), its length 30 millimetres
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brought away three round-worms per annm. In tape-worm he
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movement toward the fundus, presses one edge against the reti-
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rate the superficial aponeurosis without wounding the skin. The
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terial. It was in this emergency that he was assisted by
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The vitreous becomes, easily infected. Panophthalmia