12. Curtis, A. C., and Grekin, J. N.: Histoplasmosis.

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believed to be specific. It was discovered shortly,

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In securing milk for a bacteriological examination the udder and

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King. George W Clayton Kyger, Fred B Kansas City Linton. C. S Kennett

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Springfield; E. C. Bohrer, West Plains; Frank W. Hall,

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12. Spannaus : Die Biedelsche Stroma. Brans' Beitr., 1910, LXX^

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25 to 66 per cent. The remaining four gave no definite information

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“2. The Midwestern Medical Center will accept non-

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made only from sweet, clean, clear hog fat In all such cases the lard must equal or

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the animals and to the communities in which they are owned. This

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diate irritative elVeet d\ Mamie disturhanees of the fore limli of the same

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As will be seen from the protocols, the immediate results of this

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lofiie elT.^ets of the ovarian autaeoi.l have r.eently heen ma.le l.y SehiitVr

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animals. These crosses would often attain a weight of 200 pounds

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j press to him the regrets over his ill health and his in-

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!iiid.\ teii;pei,ittiii- iriiiel; li-ss effeetively at an early s1a<ie in the disease,

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case. The blood examination showed changes similar to those in Case 1.

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antibody occur in the supernatant fluids after the primary precipitin

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and (3) the abdominal heart, in which the organ has passed through

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Not diagnosed (failure due to decomposition and other unavoid-.

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623 Missouri Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. Telephone, Newstead 0404-05

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Pablum, Oleum Percomorphum and the other Mead Products used in Infant Nu-

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3, 1891, which provided for the inspection of live cattle, hogs, and the

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Section 2. What is the nation’s need for hospital

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(1950); F. Garrett Pipkin, Kansas City (1951); Emmett Settle.

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122. A tuft of fibrous tissue which has broken into an acinus (Fig. 12) . 431

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thing to the perfusing Locke's solution which could subsequently cause

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In shock, tihowH that the lilooil vessels in them arc iiiofouiully dilated,

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and Paris road and north of the Huntingdon and Trezevant stage road, and that part

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35. Front elevation of creame.ry and city milk plant »bown in flg. 34_ 308

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W. R. Bohne. St. Louis (1950); J. Albert Key. St. Louis (1950);

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• NEWS. — Readers are requested to send in items of

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Bausch & Lomb and Spencer Microscopes are now in our stock for

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inspected at slaughter. This system results in condemning great

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this procedure entails, especially in view of the diffi-

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tively engaged in sponsoring the organization of a State Health

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