ever, certain points in practical obstetrics recently established by Conti-
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These references, which might be multiplied indefinitely, will serve to
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rhage and necrosis of the appendix. This, in my opinion, is not
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name, age and address of the person for whom and the date
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another with a bewildering rapidity. The very want of coherence in
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ments, such as the following : ^ I wish to reiterate that, outside
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This was nearly spherical, the size of a large filbert, and weighed
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with drowsiness, is a frequent symptom. The headache is often first
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in Philadelphia at twenty-one ; was delivered by craniotomy at twenty-
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simply the mechanical result of constricting the wide rectal tube
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to insure thorough distribution. The temperature rises slightly for a day or
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doctor has presented in order to complete a cure. I have had a number
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but could recall only the onset of the condition when he felt sleepy,
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to an improper, or badly fitted truss, or to inexcusable carelessness on the
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influenza is a bacterial disease ; for although the actual proof of this — the
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might terminate in cirrhosis of the liver, in nephritis, or by the production
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A spinal puncture has been made and an examination of the
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Pulse, 60. Temperature, subnormal, and general symptoms of shock and
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ruthlessly thrust into the defenseless abdomen ? Keith says :
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ical student, and on a low-down shelf in the oflice of every practitioner.
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of the bad ear (right), is ecchymotic from drum to meatus, below
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must necessarily occur in the appendix itself, and will be co-ex-
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piration is comparatively easy and noiseless. Orthopnoea is frequently
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and slight diarrhea. The physical examination revealed a very
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formis, in 1887, in which the relations of that disease to some other affec-
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is this : these figures do not show the full number of drug addicts
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only "such treatment as is the kind which can be given consistently
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in many quarters deep resentment exists on that account. But
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to his home. His death was reported about two weeks later.
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Speaking of valvular heart lesions, the author ^^ says : " In
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Mathews, who is a great admirer of this method, admits that it
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whole world exclusively devoted to paediatrics, and it is a matter of some
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applications of a five per cent, solution with marked benefit. Creolin gauze
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As this emergency has ceased to exist, active membership in the
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other organs that suffer vicariously. The reason of this inhibition, overflow, or derout-
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So we have Karl Marx fixed. He was an apostate German Jew,
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As Bright's disease is, according to my belief, the result of constitu-
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"The present contract system for medical benefit has not been
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The condition of the ear indicates fracture of the superior wall of the
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time to time by independent observers, which have caused them to express
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toms of lung abscess on the same side. This case was treated by intercostal
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The severe pain and dyspnea require a hypo of morphine. But