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elephantiasis, by Dr. Thomson (Hankow, China), illustrated
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de-Marq, Lille. Fifteen people were employed, and in tlie
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The annual dinner of the Irish Medical Schools' and
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smallpox. These 4u6 deaths were equal to an annual rate of 2.1 per
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for hospital out-patients. Members are requefited to show cases of
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the request of the Committee of the Public Services (India)
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degree the numb -r ol cases of slight febrile illness occurring
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Sheffield a dozen notifications have been recorded, and several at Middles-
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Enfield Board proposed to build a hospital, and, I was in-
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avoid pollution of the River Clyde has been a harassing
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is a good one or not, and how far those who avail themselves
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Royal Medical and Chieukgical Society, s.no p.m.— Mr. T. Bryant:
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Among these are Dr. Basilio Sanmartin, the Marquis del
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became a labour of love." He was incisive and impressive as
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has sprung up around this epoch-making investigation of
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the child referred to had occupied a ward close to that in which the
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hid small-pox introduced into them. Very little spread of the
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an Association to draw up some workable scheme iu conjiinc-
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We shall note the facts as to the provinces in our next issue in a
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occurred from meningitis following injury to the head. The coroner
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associated witli a certain amount of spasm, giving rise to a
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posed of in four lines, so it is hardly necessary to say that Mr.
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general meeting of that Branoli with reference to tlie payment
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of gentleness and conciliation were well calculated to gain
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There is nothing of importance in the family history. His mother states
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vent them from diminishing any tendency on the part of
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presence of infectious disease. Hitherto school managers
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out-patient clinic complaining of cedema of the legs and of
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who sell such as of home manufacture. Now I do not object to a
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kidney. It is here included with a view to show how much
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tion, and climatological characters are briefly described, and
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fused to the officers of the Poor-law Medical Department.
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possible, but he was opposed to their registration.
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were reported last week in Burnley, and some few in Liverpool and
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results of the "sciences of observation" with those of the
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fully described. Preference is given to the Thoma-Zeiss
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wanting in one very important particular, namely, it does not
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Malfatti finds that chromatin contains 6. .5 per cent, of phos-
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104.3°, but with 4 it was slight. Tubercle bacilli were last