nornial from lOo', what it was when he was admitted.
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[ Reflections touching the etiology of typhoid fever. J
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of looking out of the window at laborers excavating the
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necrosed cartilage, unless the whole of the diseased portions be removed,
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smooth and inverted. Adenoid tissue stUl present; small amount of exudate on
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country. Instead the patient will be forced, along with the
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condemnation of a whole carcass if tuberculosis was present in a lim-
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natural ? This is a difficult question to answer with any degree of
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iu which a ball did a great deal of harm — one iu con-
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very slight. The effusion is usually most marked in the larger joints,
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pus to well up out of the superior aperture of the sacral canal, so the
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or mild cases. The diminution bears no immediate relation to tempera-
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would die in one week; an opinion that was concurred in by
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The Obstetrical Society was founded at an inaugural meeting at the
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children; head became impacted at the brim. The pains, which were very
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into the fluid in which they swim. The ! before the plasma or any of the local paren-
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State authorities, each exercising jurisdiction which need not,
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taken from two women under the care of Dr Wilks in 1864. The parts
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partial immobility of the membrane ; using Seigel's or inflation
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j\ in. in diameter, (and about ^ in. above the general skin level)
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passage in the account, (vide Med. Gazette, August 13th, 1831, page
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opening makes its way into the lower meatus and is ex-
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most careful to keep open the cervix with the fingers, so as to allow the free
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some tenderness in the right iliac fossa. The appendix
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every well-wisher to the dignity and usefulness of his profession. Let it
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mack will present itemized statements upon the generally infiltrated areas. The
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He reviews the various operative procedures ; and in view of a mortality of 63
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serious omen. It has been stated that sleep is more necessary than
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Dr. R. B. Gilbert, Louisville : I would ask the author if in those cases
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swollen lymph-glands rendered the diagnosis of tuberculosis
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were requested to examine the face of the prosecutrix, but this she declined
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themselves reflected in the urine, but the accompanying parenchymatous