chronic simple glaucoma, as it is absent in the latter disease.
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writer in an Indian paper, who signed himself "Common Sense," wrote
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either by means of unclean hands or by means of flies and
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largement of the thyroid gland dependent on new formation
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of a relapse than there is when the hones and tlieir facets
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the anresthesia, and fading similarly towards the elbow, there
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makes obedience to the order for examination enforceable in the same
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petier de Ribes's ballon (1887), and Barnes's bag (1860) in action.
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for the separation of the respectable poor from the vicious,
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that in a number of cases where the heart appeared dilated
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house hospital, and the case ending fatally. The DarJinf^ton guardians
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such facility;" these sources, he says, are "entirely free
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epithelium covering the growth is being invaded and
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nary physiological stimulus under which the various
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medical practitioner is entitled to prefix the title "Dr." to his name
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of them which would probably cost between £100 and £200.
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In the ease of molluscum contagiosum, you can see in the
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actions as the result of the influx of spirits. Accepting this
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Under such circumstances I still follow a plan which I had
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I invariably allow the patient to return home at the end of the period
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have I now become of the inutility and waste of time in thus
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A report from the representative (Sir Dyce Duckworth) of
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The method of anticholeraic vaccination woiktd out by
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is absent. Detailed specification of the circumstances in which
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case, also, peptone had been injected. The small dog had re-
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it. The quei-tion we have to face is whether a fact such as
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institution, requesting me to meet him in consultation on a case
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Diaphragm in connection with Perforating Gastric Ulcer.
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removed by Yolckmann. On examination, the tumour con-
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wife of Deputy Surgeon-General George Alder Watson, Bengal Army
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dents of medical, law and theology schools, and indi-
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and salted fish might be used as a substitute. " Substitutes
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creased. Then came arelapse of the rheumatism, due no doubt to the too