tion seems to be thus — that it is enclosed within the repara-

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lating character of the pressure sense, i. e., the periodic increase and decrease of the

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nounced increase in the force of the heart's beat. The

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Dr. McCHESNEY,'of Philadelphia, said that in a case

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On physical examination his gait was found to be strutting

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105° F., the pulse-rate simultaneously rising to 100 and even 150 in the

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•were certain difficulties pointed out by their legal adviser

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line of incision. By this method, which is perhaps the most secure in

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parafiin (an adaptation of Entz's method. Arch. Protistenk, XV. 1909,

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the principal systems and the i>rincipal regions of the body,

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with the riches of his ripe experience and erudition. His teach-

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Charcot-Leyden crystals were observed in the feces of

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most desirable instruments and supplies, regardless of

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understood : (, I ) A congenital narrowing of the canal.

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of whom are not members of the original Bellevue staff.

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Papers and Business and moved its adoption. Carried. The re-

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attenuant, like torrefied wheat or barley- flour, to over-

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so, by lessening the mass of diseased tissue, lessen the

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only suppose families, possessing this kind of constitution, to intermarry, and

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several lateral prolongations, as the Campanian chain, or the mountains of

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bone, and am still an unprofitable servant to my master and you. I

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said by George C. Gorham to be " a pretty good, condensed state-

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The number of graduates is of course small as yet. Peking has

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that might be greatly hastened by the hand of art; such, for example, as the

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ure. Autopsy showed the typical lesions of typhoid.

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differences in all cases are small and in most cases well within the

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is sometimes the only food that the patient can take ; but it is

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Sir : The accusation of unfairness from one who hides

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inferior to many others, but from its smoke being nearly free

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useful to us, and tells us the exact words in which the different

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Dr Brakenrid-re, who saw the child with me on 24th December