this vast area ; on the contrary, it occurs in what might be called scattered

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(Tig. 61). It forms an ellipsoidal vesicle, 6 to 10 mm. in length, varying

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handkerchief, but into a piece of rag or paper, which must be burnt.

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administered, the inoculations being the same in both. Abbott took six

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two or three doses of antipyrine or phenacetin — drugs which also mitigate

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eaten. Other patients, without acute attacks, may complain of a

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*Balfour Lecture, University of Toronto, April 5, 1928;

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tion of the patient's digestion. Symptoms must be treated as they arise.

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affected but the disease should not be considered to be a myalgia.

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pains alluded to. There is great variety in the severity of the cases. In

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the breech to pass over it. The attendant aids by guiding the breech


boiling the cereal with the total amount of mother's milk. At least two

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abdominal incision. Proximally it fades into the muscular wall of the