gelatin, albumen, and ftarch, the only other fiibftances which,
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sprinkle the patient's body with alcohol by means of
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paralyzed condition of the patient. Septic symptoms will be
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of the milkseller's shop — three for certain, who were regularly
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the county. For urinary bladder, the SIR was significantly
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which, thigh or perineal straps may be attached, and this arrangement will
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noticed that she did not seem to have any strength nor to play actively as
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that meat is difficult of digestion, these children are able usually to
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of Edinburgh. The first article is on Antiseptic Surgery, bj
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donor, justify a fresh investigation of a means of treatment
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One point that occurs to me in regard to phlyctenulae of
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tepid solution of about one part to three hundred parts of water. Where
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inches, and the shortest was 6 inches. The average was
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iodide of iron pills are indicated. The tonic treatment should
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and recently completed a three-year fellowship at Min-
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could not see. The treatment was continued and complete recovery occurred. During
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outer layer — dense cell wall — as in some varieties of epithelium.
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The games needn't be word oriented. Just as physical exer-
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Some figures may be of interest. In the first annual report
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Tuzhno-riissk. med. gaz., Odessa, 1894, iii, 476; 485. —
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through the lateral part of the front of the abdomen than through the loin ; but
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monly, however, only months elapse, and there is a tendency to periodical
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be delirium of the low, muttering kind when carbonic-acid poisoning
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A compost pile was formed during the latter part of 1918 just outside
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and the spleen is usually enlarged. In all cases of pyiemia
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It was not, as intimated by Collins, simply one of the optic
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spectfully refer the whole matter to the Society for its final disposition.
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King first complained of abdominal discomfort, but it wa s
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came under the care of Dr. Jessup, of England, the_ condition
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succeeding centuries have given all they know. The last
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