quency of interruption is increased to a high rate the induc-

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twice a day, and, occasionally, a little mild soap will generally

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valescence from typhoid, which had been mild in one case,

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of Malaria in Temperate Climates, with Special Reference to

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lapsing, does this very agreeable condition (which, to the uninitiated,

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ture falls gradually by lysis to normal, at which it remains for two

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quickly dies under the same conditions. 5. The study

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gone into here. His results may be summed up under the following

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to mention. A young gentleman who had been out of health for several

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methods to linguistics. Polyglot Russians yearned to ac*

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Very pretty pictures may, however, be obtained by vital staining

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application of these dressings the organisms present in

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the lower panes of windows are of little use as admit-

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The purgative and operative treatment of puerperal perito-

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that the specific infectious agent of yellow fever has

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I regret very much that our Society did not make a financial con-

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normal serum seems to receive a biological support from venom

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employment of opium. Venesection is very much trusted to by many

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nected with the protoplasm of the cells ; and at others

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The neurasthenic patient was one who has broken down,

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Societe de Chirurgie), instituted a series of experiments

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direct influence of this medicine upon the ulcers in the intestines.

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Oa(M(>)CO00O500li?I>»-'O?COCO35C>C«»'?*> — i-i^Oi-HOOOOO

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the barrel of the spool and caught one inch from the end by

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their inventors but by a great many "cured" patients

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took ill on March 6 and died on March 10, a woman who had

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exist a structure unknown to me capable of jfivinir

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and rather an early than a late one. If he can, he should follow the

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is present only in two-thirds to three-fourths of all cases. It varies much in

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be called a true alternans, but rather a pseudoalternans. That is to say, it is not to

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sought in race. When it is recollected that the consummation of marriage among