chapter is a piece of good obstetrical writing, well worthy of study.

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wine, or, preferably, a glass of an alkaline mineral water.

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reasoning regarding the medical statistics of Iceland, built upon

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that our power to cut short and cure disease is limited, not so much

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fever ; the most deadly season in the Terrai is the months of May



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perature changes. Corsica is good. [So is Nassau. Bermuda is windier


cidal experiments were made with streptococcus; in one case only




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funnel of about 8-10 em. (3-4 in.) is applied. Its semicircularly bent

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in attempting to discover the primary cause of the disease, but

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of the more extensively studied vegetable proteins. Since there

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as measles and trichina, are explained; and, lastly, the lecturer

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such, thus effecting a binding of the uric acid by increasing the alkalinity

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like bacillus from the dog, incubated at a temperature of 36° C. for seven days, passed

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determining the aspect of the outbreaks of a province. The succes-


died late, the culture was probably not a very virulent one.


of the microscope. It is no doubt loose language to talk of the blood


submaxillary glands. Did these two conditions depend on the


much as possible. Water, cider, grape juice, and suitable mineral waters


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chemist into the aeriform state or separated. It is therefore unknown

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in countries where bronchitis is more common than in Canada.

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in our previous communication we believe that not only can the

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Meerut to 0*15 per cent, on admissions in Dinapore ; and the rate for

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after the bite. These two experiments, which were very carefully

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science, touching upon the great themes of mental alienation, moral

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had made the discovery that echinococci of man were, by their feed-

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minutes ' walk on level ground in the morning is enough. As the patient

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experience, presumptive of the insufficiency of treatment, similarly


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ourselves with calling the attention of obstetricians to it, and assuring

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The reasons which led me to suppose that the right ovary was

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has never found it successful, even when the cough was of a paroxysmal

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results in one case of haemophilia by repeated intravenous injections of

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tendants begin to suffer. It is admitted by the most zealous con-

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•P.=protf-in3, F.=fat8, C.=carbohydrate8. The amount is expressed in percentages.

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are not enough to justify any conclusions. The brain animals,

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pupils were much contracted, but relaxed after a time, and when

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distinguished scientific men. On returning, he resumed his old

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that in all such cases digitalis acts by restoring order to the heart's

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in cases of pneumonia ; but I employ it less as a routine stimulant than was