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A vote of thanks of the society was tendered Drs. Clapp and

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If the wound remains aseptic loose fragments will not only retain

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as a bronchus is plugged by secretion or by a foreign body, no vesicular

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in a specific contagion"). Gray, Hull, Duggard, Bardsley, and others,

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the right-angle piece in Fig. 2 is for the purpose of equalizing the

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a long exposure of these germs to contact with air. Eecently we

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eighteen hours. His clinical experiments were made on four cases. He

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These cases are interesting from three points of view —

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the evidence bearing upon the subject, I regard the

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the seventh cervical vertebra to the top of the sacrum ; slits are

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than 10,000 patients In clinical trials, adverse reactions which occurred with enalapril were also seen with

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government and the activity of interested beneficiaries. Be-

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by the Interstate Commerce Commission and furnished

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partially satisfactory results. Recognizing the shortcomings of our

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