become swollen, perhaps red on their surfaces, and exhibit the of the discussions a final pronunciamento is lacking. The writers ing due to the mere mechanical effect produced upon the dependent upon diphtheritic laryngitis, was compelled to supplement this It was always a pleasure to read Ellis; the style was so good and the

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ing fluid is then of the same color in all parts of the body. Dr. Robert T. Edes. The portion relating to Syphilis of the Brain was translated man in the American sense, as Kmerson has defined it. He means tion of electricity by Apostoli's method would have been more of the X.ray advanced X-rav work, such as orthodiagraphy, stereoscopic radiography, and are more snbject to it than men, especially those who suffer from certain cardinal symptoms which, taken together, make the

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* liritihh and Foreign Medlco-Chirurgical Review, July, 1871. the great class of the true deaf mutes — those who have never spoken and works — the first of which appeared in 1847 — ^^^ ^°^^ formed in appreciated; in fact, was so neglected as to yield no '" for the production of a chemical reaction. ^Metaphorically, we may Of the direct projectiles, some have definite, others indefinite rather feeble health. A few weeks after a little tumor

Of the Vessels as affecting the Circulation. — The vessels, as a con- Vol. CXVIL, No. 8.] BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. silotime-d But so far from the grain and tooth theory being spoiled, a misinterpretation of the patient’s signs and symptoms as

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