known as "the fourth disease." In an attempt to con-
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through the College, Hospital and Dispensary as one unit under the direction
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should be returned into the abdomen, and the scrotum and its
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provement takes place). Camphor, Chloroform, Sulphite of Soda,
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of moderating the sweating. On the 9th of December, I in-
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ever afterwards ; but by far the most common result is intense
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In the present diapter we shall treat first of the ckamare^woid
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sore shins from too much galloping before the bones become
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never be applied where the skin is broken, or at all tender.
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al tests, two new methods of clinical investigation
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acid. The acid is best applied with a glass rod very thoroughly to all
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the Association, Dr. Atkinson, and they received his
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efFect, and that it had been signed without proper examination and enquiries
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noticed that among the introduced articles a considerable number have
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experimental study of the nasopharynx as the portal of its entry into and exit
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scientific attainments, the additions which he makes to this va-
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Autopsy, twenty-four hours after death, in presence of Drs. Sargent and
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to most of you, told me he had been so honored eight times.
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which the layman knows nothing about. It does not encourage
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Fix the fork firmly in the breast, let the knife be sharply
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» Alfred T. Sohofield, M.D., The Uncomcious Mind, p. 288.
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utterly failed ; and on January 22 last Mr. Teevan div^d?d the
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applied the saw to the ulna ; an assistant forcibly bent the
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generation progresses, fat appears in the cells in large droplets, and
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the more spriglitly, as if despairing of finding the gist of
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edy. Rhus tox., on its first administration, seemed to accom-
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The Hon. A. Thesiger was for the prosecution : and Mr.
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male, except rarely, the proboscis does not pierce. The epipharynx
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calculus, depending on the amount of retention, infection, etc.,
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opened, hut no intraperitoneal rupture was found. Addiiional
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instrument became known — namely, the direct treatment of