Suprarenal ganglioneuromata. Very malignant tumours arising in
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uterine adnexa, 10 per cent, after suspensions of the uterus, 5 per cent, after
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a different order from those under heading III. If muscular contraction in
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at a later date should the removal of this tooth and a cleansing of the
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of cerebrospinal fluid as of blood serum. A well-developed case
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cerebrospinal system. Boeke's histological investigations have revealed
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ment, though the middle of the day was usually warm. Sep-
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1914, Walshe investigated the reaction in spastic states in man following
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difficulty has been considered by Traube in the above communication. The
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water. After the silk reaches the stomach the normal peristalsis
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[Contribution to the clinical and pathological study of sarcomas of the
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time provided the general health of the patient remains good. Not uncom-
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The channel through the friable tissue of the cancerous growth is
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aortic aneurysm in animals, especially the ox, less frequently the horse, and,
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who died. In 115 cases of double pneumonia there were 33 deaths (28-7
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amount of bile was reduced from 49-8 to 4-6 in twenty-two
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gastric painful area, exquisitely painful to pressure. The gastric contents
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25, 32. (/. de radial, et d'electrol, 1921, 5, 284.)
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ment by functioning? Are tissues growing in vitro performing a
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which the x-ray plate left me in a quandary as to whether I was dealing
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recommended when the thickness of the new growth is 20 mm. or less ;
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of the treatment of lethargic encephalitis. In the subsequent discussion
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gall-bladder, or duodenum, or pylorus, or appendix, cecum, colon,
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diet the amount of uric acid during the intervals usually ranged
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rabbits and cats, but by far the greatest number of rabbits, cats,
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at cure. In each individual case this must be left to the
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2 years and over 14 ( 9.4) 2 ( 4.1) 13 ( 9.4) 10 ( 9.8)
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and the appearance of red blood cells. Two men, in whom the existence of
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been no clear guiding conception of what a very definite condition true
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January, 1913. It gives accurate results and requires only 15 to
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