Nancie assumes the responsibilities of the executive director
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IV. February lOlA, 1939. — J. L., ship-carpenter, of Boston, set. 20,
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ski, quoted by Miller, held that the infectious process in in-
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steel; and yet I knew that, as day followed day, and
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words, they are the production of the disease and not the
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all excessive heat in the earlv part of Mav has been followed bv cold weather
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" The Upper Region begins opposite to the Cartilage
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reported but nineteen similar cases, and three others
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many of its features it is very similar to the one re-
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forward. But they have read " Sister Dora," and perhaps
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contradiction can be accounted for only by the inac-
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tosuria should not be made until a crystalline product of such a melting point
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an injury these bones are exceedingly well protected, and such are,
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which time gradual impairment of the faculties has left
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would be sufficient to restrain the hand in the be-
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medicine had been taken. In no instance did the nitrate produce any
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lie still, and take no more liquid for half an hour, by which time
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The world has need of honor's seed, and brave men spring to the side