Jlor use, consists of one equivalent of sulphuric acid, one of oxide of zinc
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the descent of the thermometer from 80° to 10°; sixteen
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conductors of caloric than the preceding, and therefore
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earths and their carbonates, acetate and subacetate of lead, nitrate of
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almost ceases to feel their influence, unless exhibited in constantly in-
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watdi prepare themselves often in this way. During all this time there
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dered more stimulating by the ammonia, and intended, therefore, to act
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Very different opinions have been advanced as to the suitable doae.
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the snows of winter to the broiling heat of summer, and from
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I a fsmek. or miiflr maoiriii: rjKuiur ilie mninik fKf i^ KmK «wS
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asks, in effect, that the first principle of a vaUd
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different forms of rheumatism, particularly the subacute. There is
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2d edit. p. 33(i — Unquestionably the black is objectionable.
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Active CcnMluentB, Little is known, positively, on this point There
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iron in its soluble forms, would seem to show that its metallic constituent
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the heart come on, and this is followed by vertigo, general
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Qaz y March, 1852, p. 279.) So far as any inference can be drawn from
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the part; or cylindrical or olive-shaped dry excitors may be moved fVoai
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It is this universality of their action that distinguishes them from the
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priety of making sudden transitions from one climate to ano-
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tions of his art ; in his pride in the glorious heritage
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has confirmed this, and in many diseases of the mucous mem-
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the bowels; tobacco smoke has been employed tu produce relaxation;
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porridge, which is a very good light dish for invalids. Pearl
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brown colour, almost as thin as paper, smooth, somewhat shining, pliable,
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The use of fennented and spirituous liquors containing lead has been
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tation. It may be used, therefore, with the condition of stomach men-
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the same light livery as summer. And we see nature her-
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Celsus says, *' Prodest adversus lardam concoctioncm dare legere." Pliny,
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Tbe general oonclu^ioti, bowcTer, wan tlmt the two alkaloids neutraliied each
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eneant romitine and retching, there is rioWnt srastric and intes.Inal
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tering it in such cases, reference should always be had to the contraindi-
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PREVITE: Getting back to Sir Christopher's comments and
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Figure 2 (cont.)- Results of blood cultures made after various periods of hypothermia