amelioration of the symptoms, and a second I rated. On the other hand, the occasional
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will find, perhaps, that means which save the life of the
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a month or two. Take a gland that continues to be enlarged, one which
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taught that pathological phenomena should be studied by
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official. If this idea was carried out here, our little ones would
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Practitioner. The General Medical roiuicil would not reg-ister him with-
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reflexes are alluded to. (Thorburn: Medical Chronicle, May, 1892, and
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was twenty- eight and fourteen, and twenty-five days in each
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tic care ascertain the services of the state program.
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classes of crude drugs — thus substituting it quite completely for
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ordinary surgeon's bag. The apparatus is registered, and made by
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members, the results of whose experiments we give below in alpha-
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ansky, etc. In 1867 he took his degree of Doctor in Medicine.
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which has been already described. In cases in which the tumor
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Case XII. — Pericardium contains about 150 cc. of slightly
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768 pages. Illustrated. Published by Bailliere, Tindall & Cox,
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the number iA interments hiw been oonBtantlj decreaaiiig. The
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" Maintenance of the honour and re- charge even emanated from some one
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The Nature and Treatment of Leprosy. By R. H. L. Bibb, M.D 539
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It has generally been recognized that reflex neuroses, asso-
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man ought to, and I believe does, recognize that he is the conscious
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the characteristic features of neurasthenia are always
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zema of the scalp, repeatedly from bronchial catarrh; from pneumonia;
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In spite of the doubt of the effect of a compulsory four
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first we had the long loop, then the short loop gastro-
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Connecticut as the third highest in the country, trailing
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and the limbs are fixed. There is no loss of consciousness, the reflex
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The Council agreed that through the Committee on Can-
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gradually more extensive until the ultimate aim has been reached.
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where it deposited its morphological constituents. After an hour or two the
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using the positive pole below the angle of the jaw, would also
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consciousness v;iries. As already intimated, it may bo the whole, the
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depends upon a number of correlating causes. While it is
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the lower end of this lever by the occupant of the coffin suf-
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Dr. Bulkley quite clearly shows that the diseases known
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and those who settled here under the call of the citizens peti-
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Moore, J. Daniel, M.D., F.L.S., has been appointed Honorary Medical