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The cultures closely resemble staphylococci, but are associated with

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came under my notice (Silcock) a careful naked-eye necropsy failed to

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Syphilis. — It is well recognised that some of the squamous syphilides

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internal coat, as in the endarteritis obliterans of syphilis, the results of

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endeavour to promote perfect digestion of food and proper evacuation

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adjuvant to the general system of treatment than as its leading measure.

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Chron. 1897. — 10. Graham. "Contribution to the Clinical Study of Scleroderma,"

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Hacker's case was also interesting on account of some pigmentation

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energy and faculty extend especially to the functions of the brain cortex.

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165. Tetanilla Strumipriva : 55. Blazicek. Wien. klin. Woch. 1894, vii. pp. 826, 869.

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in Varicella by Marie (1894), Boitrdineau (1895), and Daverede (1899). Serums and

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Part V. The Chemical Basis of the Animal Body. By Lea. Price $ 1.75 net.

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the contrary, such airs as that of the Upper Engadine often reduce sleep,

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Keratosis follicularis), and represents a keratosis of the pilo-sebaceous

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chronic forms of mental disorder ; or there may be a maniacal outburst

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gouty nor rheumatic, but in all probability co-ordinate with the psoriasis

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