preponderating over the muscular tissue, and blood-vessels being
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and among 774 children, 26 were attacked, and 19 died.
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trachea and bronchi. Right cavities of the heart distended with
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gressive development. The change by which this is effected is
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testinal trouble, convulsions, or any other serious illness
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uterus, where the tumour has often the appearance of discon-
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its periphery by canals fiill of a liquid which doubtless plays an
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is that mentioned by Professor Levy, in which a single ball caused four wounds
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the 'Ophthalmic Hospital Reports' and in the 'Reports of
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resorted to for the purpose only served to increase the distresses of
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of periodical medical literature, and of the distinct aim and scope of Quarterly
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disease. His cases on page 15 and page 17 clearly belong to the
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in the majority of cases complicated with interstitial nephritis,
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apoplexy, Bright's disease, and cardiac failure — may be
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"The reduction of temperature alone, when the atmosphere reaches the freez-
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by Chevallier. Take a wide mouthed bottle and close it with a cork,
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time, when it has begun to assume a more serious aspect. The inflammation
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defects, chronic valvular leakage or myocardial (heart
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ligature of the primitive carotid arteries of the corresponding sides.
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exposure of the gallbladder, or the gallbladder was
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368 Zabriskie on Paralysis from Visceral Disorders. [October
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term is applied to the mind and morals, is rather a result
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I Anyway, it causes a most irritating and disturbing cough,
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of habits" in the production of typhoid fever. It has been generally supposed that
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one ingredient was changed in proportion, whether it was increased or dimi-
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chiefly on atmospheric laws. That the ratio of catarrhal affections, pleuri-
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softening of the spinal cord young connective tissue-formation was met with in
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water, equal parts of each, to make the whole measure
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influences operating on the mental organisation, and, on the
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7, 1840. Soon after he was carried home he began to show signs of return-
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sac was, therefore, rapidly effected. To close the opening, the end of the index
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accomplished without artificial assistance; two of the children were born dead.
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improved as to salubrity, in a greater comparative ratio than many other
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measure of the proper time for plugging; equally is it more agreeable to what