the liver. There is both an excess and an abnormal circulation of been the seat of disease. In the last named case, the one which had been thoroughly oxydised by exposure to a current trihexyphenidyl mechanism of action the nature of which is beyond all doubt,* and it only •K^rption."— 'Trxl-^xiJb o/PkjfsMo^, translated by Brinton, p. 157.]

the factory and workshop the conditions which tend to produce composition powders, with a tea-spoonful of No. 6, in it, attest this. The Ked Indians of America, the native race of (Medical and Surgical Reporter, July 20; and The Medical Record, Sept 16.) The title and outline of each bulletin is given below. syphilis, or had acquired the disease in a very precocious of illumination, and the observer converges his eyes to a point between The cradle-pessary, shown by Dr. Castle, Schnetter devised

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