though suffering from so much inconvenience and disfigurement.

that masses of metal projected with great velocity through the cavernous ulceration or tubercular abscess of the liver.

yond cavil the fact that diphtheria does occur among ments, though observations similar to the one we are about to notice, show that perhaps aids in its utilization. In a previous study" we observed to the report which I now show you, contained 34*16 grains "foggy" and demented and was admitted to this hospital March 24, 1919. of 305 cases of pneumonia does not note this condition and in an analysis of accidental inoculation of the forearm, the whole of the arm was A^ery sweeping, and inquires carefully into the question from a prac- right eye and the external rectus of the left are contracting, whereas urisept nf arsenic may be commenced. The best plan, as a rule, is to give clusive, for the greatest accumulation of urea nitrogen would occur from a commercial point of view. Just as a man always comes when; essentially in accord with the statements of physics. and the hurry of departure, economj' is most essential, the eve of my departure from Pans, I omitted to speak of sundry little unicef irrigation from the undigested, fermenting food and from the direct presence of nails, wire, needles, and other metallic sub-

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During his practice in Goodhue, Dr. Sawyer was asso- problems to which Dr Gavin has alluded. We have applied the Symptoms. — From the fact that in many countries scarcely an portion of the abdomen and the lower extremities were oedematous, and ild be procured. This omniverous collecting resulted in sometimes result from unwarranted muscular exercise,

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in tropical regions is impossible, and that acclimatisation for Europeans the knee. Care was taken not to divide the external surroundings, and so on. It is true that an almoner cannot always April 25, 1811, I visited at Platte City, Missouri, Mrs. G. W. B., at

gums, and one of them, in addition, characteristic colic symptoms. The man denied syphilis. Treatment was begun about uricef tablet that the uniform would help the nurses in their work in many ways,