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pany H R 5546, 94th Congress, 2nd sess., 1976. passim.

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suscitation and emergency cardiac care. JAMA 227 (Suppl.):

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and crystals of triple phosphate are found, but no renal casts.

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was under treatment seven weeks, during which time the heart

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Approved in accordance with the recommendation of the Reference Committee.

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I Dickey R: Diagnosis and management of patients with oral

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This, I imagine, is a vital objection to this special diagnosis.

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{Read before tJie Clinical Society of Maryland, November

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seat of the tumour, I replaced it within the anus. It was at

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The laryngeal tumefaction at first sight appeared to be a

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the jugular veins of a dog, and the dog's head became dropsical.

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nation of the portal blood of two horses, concludes that it coagulates