that malaria will cause it, especially in those greatly exhausted. Overdoses
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tendon -sheaths in the palm. The abscess may extend into the palm,
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and sometimes muscular. Occasionally, bony lesions will irritate certain
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connection with dislocations. Entire division of a nerve is very rare.
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cially meats, vegetables, and fruits. If diarrhoea is present during conva-
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jierhaps it has reached 106° F. or 107° F. In the meantime the pulse may
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be done. When our patients were admitted into the hospital, their clothing,
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becomes infected with disease producing germs that infection spreads.
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clot, which will be found filled with a purulent -looking milky or pulpy
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ential diagnosis until the local phenomena which characterize erysipelas
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number of blankets to keep them warm. Allow fresh air to surround them.
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able agent in many conditions. When used as an antipyretic it must be
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course of the disease when measles is most infectious is not definitely deter-
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sition of the patient in bed, such as the sacrum, nates, heels, and shoulder-
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place. Even in old standing cases much improvement may be obtained.
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distended, and pigment is deposited in the hepatic cells and connective-
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alkaline remedies, for the diarrheal discharges are always alkaline, and
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incision should be made an inch behind the inner border of the tibia.
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weakened capillaries is much stronger between the ages of fourteen and
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has continued for a few moments, or at the longest an hour, it gradually
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body to that extent that there will be little or no effort at union.
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have the advantage of a hospital and of a clean operating
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During every epidemic of smiall-pos there is a certain number of cases
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doubtful cases can only be decided by the use of the ex]iloring trochar.
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Bilious colic is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, the vomited
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fever they do not contract the disease. I'he poison which they receive into
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hemorrhage ; at other times it is due to perforation of the pleura ; but
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simple, but require a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the joint
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minuria. The kidney changes are rarely well marked before the second or
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pasteboard may be used and they may be placed on all sides of the