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Edinburgh and at Vienna, and during the cholera epi-

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sented itself. I found a place on Stark's ranch, at O. Z,,

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tion ; less than twenty-four pages, out of the hundred and thirty-

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be of the class I refer to, and the case be serious, death may

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nervous mimicry of real disease. It is far too common a prac-

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We will have to concede, that what may be termed unconscious

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rummage among the viscera, and scrutinize most narrowly all

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t Delorme, " On the Disappearance of Neuritic Symptoms by

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student at Immanuel Hall until the death of his father, when he

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dose. The preceding remedies were to be given during the

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over the shot. Each suture is treated in the manner described.

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long efforts, yielded small pieces of phlegm, and caused often

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The remedy is easy. By sending his thermometer and fifty

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minutes, watery, yellow, fecal ; no thirst. Somewhat later, vomit-

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Returning to New York, Dr. Bulkley entered upon practice, special-

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palate and tonsils were in a nearly normal condition. In those

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Sciences, October 19, 1901. Dr. Mann was connected with the case

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there was a causal connection between them. In most cases I

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is a member of ihc Presbyterian Church, and lives up to

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and a more or less rapid examination, or one carried out

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to popularize physiological and anatomical knowledge. To the

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all the hardships of an Indian country. He educated

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This the second volume of Dr. Mackenzie's admirable work

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different distances of its trajectory. The " remaining "

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he was visiting physician at Bellevue Hospital, where he remained

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* * spected name among his brethren of the medical profession

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Medical Association, the New York Academy of Medicine, New York

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sity, and Albany Medical College. He was president of the American

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1 On Concussion of the Spine, Nervous Shock, and other Obscure Injuries of the Nervous

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vitis) so long as it is confined mainly to the synovial membrane of the joint

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children, and maintains an office at No. 30 East Sixty-second Street,

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that his name is attached to more than ten thousand dipio-

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collection of data contained in Hirschel's " Text-book of Homoe-

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One of the most precise, as well as one of the most

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a tube .20 of a metre in length and .025 of a metre in diameter.