6. Irritation of the external meatus of the ear may cause violent

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conditions in which h)T)erchlorhydria is found. The first of these which

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"Cholera Prospects and Prevention," to-day, June 24th. to

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East Anolian Branch.— A special Jubilee meeting of this Branch will be

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A constitutional medicine, on the other hand, does not produce any

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This rigidity soon extends from the neck to the extremities, and finally to

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twelve baths in twenty-four hours before the fever would give in. With

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Again, looseness of the bowels may be caused by conditions in other

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very satiwfaetory re.salt may be obtained. The most import-

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reply, expresses their appreciation of Dr. Rentoul's efforts

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preventing deglutition, and causing much pain and difficulty in swal-

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the last dose the saline purgative should be again taken. This treat-

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"Accidental poisoning from an ov>-rdnse of tartaric acid."

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the special dangers to ihealth met with there. The first

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attacks of pain may be localized either in the head, in the sides of the

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ulceration from typhoid fever, it may produce stenosis of the intestine

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found to penetrate fully 6 feet beneath the surface of the groimd. The

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10 c.c. of Riv-r Isar water. The latter was collected about 150 metres

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is used to a "moderate" extent by a large number of the well-to-do

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common after general finandal crises or panics, and are just as explic-

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urine, which is highly acid and has no ammoniacal odor, but instead

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the President. There were also present Dr. F. de Havilland

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with its long train of evils, whose nature and prophylaxis we shall