tensive bibliography of the condition of the tendon reflexes in diabetes.) Lecorche :

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The use of physical culture in all the public schools should be

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York city one of the first medical schools in the world,

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great mental activity and spontaneity, and also those who in ordinary

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it may be the result of puncturing a vessel in tapping a hydrocele.

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surgeon after passing a steel sound into the bladder. Striking the

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death results instantly, it is caused by the shock which paralyzes the

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that the disease has abated, and complete recovery to health may be

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is probably one of the most powerful causes of the deposit of uric

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under the direction of a duly authorized practitioner,

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Clothing then has its most important use in retarding the cooling

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although uric-acid compounds are not ])oisonous, they may be accom-

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The bones of the fingers are called the phalanges. There are

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which he believed to be the malarial poison— the cause of the disease.

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